Find Your Hub
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The best way to facilitate growth and change is to have a clear focus. When you register, you will be asked to choose a hub—a specific area of interest based on the challenges you and/or your business are facing right now.

BALANCE life and business
GROW your job into a career
BUILD your bottom line
REINVENT your business
ESTABLISH your legacy
Once you’ve chosen your Hub, you’ve taken the first step to making your Next Level experience even more enriching. Each day, you’ll gather with a group of peers from all industry segments who are in the same stage of business and personal development. Working with your Hub Facilitator you’ll take what you’ve learned in sessions and discuss how it applies to you, specifically. With each Hub gathering, you’ll share your insights and ideas with others, figure out what’s next, and have a great time doing it.

Need more information on which Hub is right for you? Click on each of the HUBs listed above for detailed descriptions to see which Hub will be most useful for you.