Simple ways of securing your bitcoins

In the internet world, security is just as important as survival. Any breach of your security protocols can signal the end of your company. When it comes to internet security, people remain the weak link. Digital security can be likened to warfare. The people out there seeking to do mischief are quicker, and they maneuver faster than their enemy. Some hackers today go about their trade as a way of life and make good money from it. Here are a few tips on how to secure yourself:

If you do not understand, avoid altogether

Bitcoin trading

As of today, cryptocurrency is still a complicated concept, which many people find difficult to understand. Securing digital money requires a great deal of personal responsibility and skill. If you have no clue of what you are getting into, it’s much better to keep off. It would be unfortunate if you have to wake up one morning just to find some hacker penetrated your wallet and ran off with $10,000 of your hard-earned money.

Many people love cryptocurrencies due to their decentralization. Additionally, there are no greedy middlemen such as banks, or any centralized body which might try to manipulate it. It’s often said with great power comes great responsibility. This being said, if you become a victim of cryptocurrency theft, there will be no one to fall back to. There is no laid out mechanism for disputing such a transaction. If you forget your password, there is no one to offer resets too.

Have a backup

This is the best approach. Most cryptocurrency experts advise their audiences to diversify their cryptocurrency portfolios. Have three to four. If possible, some offline and others online. Just as with the human body, your DNA is replicated in every body cell for a reason. For that reason, one may lose millions of cells but it would not count as all other cells have backup copies. It’s important to note that it’s not the laptop you use, but rather what you create that important. Remember that software and hardware are replaceable, but the data is not.

Have an external drive or extra USB sticks. Storing backup wallets does not take a lot of time. Around 16 GB worth of backup space is good enough. Ensure that you place your offsite backup somewhere safe like a safety deposit box. Additionally, you can also back it up to a cloud. Do not entrust anyone with the responsibility of managing your private keys.

Encrypt your data

You can add an extra layer of protection to your wallet by having encrypted file containers for your wallet passwords and backups. Do not store your wallets and passes within a single virtual file store. This will only make it easier for an attacker to access your wallet and its passwords. Use different passwords for your containers.

Wallets everywhere

reading news on tablet Your first instincts may be to have a core wallet. Most projects have them. This becomes highly essential for cold storage where the user adopts an offline buy and hold approach. When your coins are offline for several months, the file format remains incompatible with other coin wallet versions. Core wallets are more conservative and stable. Unfortunately, for everyday usage, you might find the core wallets a little clunky, slow and frustrating. Imagine having to wait for over twenty minutes for it to sync as you try sending coins to an exchange.…

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clamp and wallet

Saving Money On Costumes

Wearing costumes will give you a new and fresh look. They will also make you feel like an entirely different person. Even if this is the case, those people who have purchased outfits can confirm that they not cheap. However, you do not have to invest a lot of money when buying them. The tips outlined below will greatly help you in saving money when purchasing your costumes.


People dressed in costumes

This will involve borrowing costumes from your family members or friends who wear costumes. You do not need to buy them when you can borrow. You should always make an effort of approaching these individuals and ask them to lend you their outfit. Such an outfit can be worn when you have a big occasion. Most friends who are not using their gear will easily lend them to you. This is one of the best ways of saving money on costumes. You should take care of your friend’s costumes to avoid any problems in future.

Reusing the old clothes

One can consider using his or her old clothes when the situation gets worse. For instance, you can wear a flannel shirt, and an overall can also help you. This will give you a farmer’s look.

Swapping costumes

Swapping involves exchanging one’s costumes with another person. There is no need of investing your money purchasing a new costume when you have one. You can easily exchange your outfit with your family members or friends. Alternatively, you can trade with someone else online.

Making your own

sewing machine

Making your costumes is one of the great ways of cutting on your expenses. Your outfit must not be perfect. You will find many people giving excuses that they cannot sew or they are not crafty. What is important for someone to make something which looks interesting and is fun. There are many places which can help you in getting good costume ideas. For instance, these ideas can be obtained online or from magazines. Pinterest is among the best places where you can find these ideas. Individuals who are not crafty are encouraged to find the easiest costume’s designs which can be created or made comfortable.

Visiting thrift stores

Thrift stores are stores which sell products at a relatively low price. In these stores, one can find a cheap new outfit or one which has been worn for a few times. These stores can help in saving a considerable amount of money. Buyers are discouraged from buying outfits which have an atrocious shape as some of them might be having a bad look.…

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Advantages Of Hard Money Loans

Financial institutions will always compare your assets and the credit amount before lending you any money. This is done to enable the investor in making a good deal. The following are the main benefits associated with hard money funding.


Plan A B C

Banks will always demand their customers’ monthly payment. Regular payments might be a burden to many people. Hard money loans are more flexible as compared to the conventional loans since they are more flexible. These loans are offered with better terms. With this kind of a loan, the borrower can skip one month in case he or she is going through a hard time. You will just be needed to present your case to the lender. The points discussed above are enough to enable the borrower to understand the benefits associated with hard money funding.

It is a quick process

Most banks will take up to two months before they can process your loan application. This is not the case with hard money lenders. The loans offered by these investors can be processed within two days. You will find that most of the local investors know their clients personally and they can lend the money instantly. This will always make you happy. This has made this loan perfect especially for the emergency situations that may arise. For instance, you can use this money to renovate your house and then put it on sale. This will easily make your property more impressive to the buyers.

Less paperwork

Pen and form

Lengthy paperwork is known for holding back the users for a long time. Most people will skip such paperwork as they fear being stuck in the middle. Traditional lenders and banks are known for dragging people through the long, taxing process. Banks will require the customers to fill many complicated forms and then wait for a long period before their loans get approved. This is something which can be avoided by getting money from the hard money lenders.


With these lenders, you will only be asked to sign some few papers and then answer a few questions. Your credit history will also be looked into to ensure that you can repay the loan. To be more precise, these investors will evaluate your applications made by different individuals and then make a decision based on their properties or assets. This is done to improve the service of their customers. This can also enable people with bad credit history to get a loan easily.



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